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Hello every body my name is hope Amelia thurogood , I am 19teen and live on my own and i have endometriosis I was diagnose at the age of 15

Hello every body my name is hope Amelia thurogood , I am 19teen and live on my own and i have endometriosis I was  diagnose at the age of 15

My name is hope I live in Essex and I have endometriosis I was diagnosed with this since the age of a very little girl I was in and out off hospital since the age of 11 and finally got diagnosed with the condition at age 15 and I have had two operations since too remove ovarian cyst witch was very very big. I've had cysts witch keep bursting and very badly in pain all the time I bleed twice a month. I could go on I feel like I'm 19teen now and I thought it would of got better and it seems too be getting worst . If anyone could give me some advice or helping me with what too do next I would be highly greatful thank you

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Hi sweetie I feel so bad for you . I meant to reply ages ago but I was very ill myself. Firstly get your doctor to refer you straight away to a bsge centre and get on the zolodex maybe as something immediate that can help you while getting them to consider what the future will be for you and wht they can do for you. I don't know if you can afford it or maybe see a specialist privately. I waited 2 years before getting to a consultant and i wish id pushed and got there sooner and also wished id have known that for some people it can keep coming back and you have to keep nagging the doctor to refer you back to the consultant etc etc - you can get fobbed off that its IBS r other such crap when its not etc etc its crazy. Maybe you are still under your consultant if you've had these ops ?? Endo is a pain and can be really bad but with the right management you can have a fairly normal life. If its any consolation I'm 43 and havnt had kids and had this hysterectomy but I'm ok about it in a way and outwardly all you see is a pretty lady with a successful career etc etc. Yes endo can take time away from you so its important to keep getting it treated or managed. I know the health profession can be really crap as well so read up on here be prepared for the odd fight and to go elsewhere if need be. I feel so bad not answering sooner. These things are hard when your a bit older but must be really scarey for you. Anyway if you want to ask me anything at all on here or pm please do so and I will try to help even if its a shoulder to cry on - best of luck and happy xmas from carol xxxxx


hey! im sorry to hear you are suffering in such a young age :-(. ok just like lady said above pls get to your gp doctor AND ask to be reffered to Endo clinic. You are in lots of pain BUT remember it doesnt mean you have for example stage 4 if you have lots of pain...some ladies stage 4 have less pain then stage 2 ladies BUT still all of stages have to be treated. You have to keep pushing your doctor to reffer you to special Endo clinic! just keep pushing and pushing. it took me 18 years to be diagnosed!!!!!! im 34 now and been suffering since I was about 16 :-(. Im sever stage 4.... I just had my ovary removed in september and in 2 weeks time I have full excision. operation will last anything between 8-10h! SO PLS dont wait and dont let them to ignore you!!!! you dont want your endo go that bad.....

I dont know how you feel about diet. I dont take any form of sugar, wheat and I avoid yogurts and cheese. I also dont drink milk....Diet DO help. Endometriosis its an inflammation and just avoid foods which can trigger inflammation :-). also turmeric with coconut milk before bed is good. turmeric helps with inflammation. Also I take cannabidiol oil which is legal in UK and also give me some relief.

any more questions just ask

marta xx


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