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endo in the bowel in serious need for advice

Hello ladies,

I'm new on here and in need for some serious advice so let me try make it short and sweet so I was recently diagnosed with severe endometriosis stage 4 its mostly found on my bowel my ovaries are kissing and are stuck in my pouch of Douglas and I have 3 nodules which are on my bowel, belly button and I do not know where the last one is so I had a Laparoscopy back in 2014. But nothing was removed as the surgeon at the time said it was so severe they did not want to touch or damage anything. I keep having to go A&E when i am on my period as the pain gets too much and I cannot hold any pain killers down. Overall I have seen about 5 different Gynaecologist and I am getting told that I should try for a baby before having a operation but I don't understand how that makes sense has anyone been in this situation and what has their outcome been I really want my own child one Dr said he will refer me for IVF before the operation but I am scared that it won't work as everything is stuck together and where my ovaries are. Can someone please help me I am so depressed

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This is so horrendous. I am now giving the same reply twice in as a matter of seconds. Stage 4 must only be dealt with in a BSGE endo centre and you should have been referred back in 2014. This is an NHS requirement.

I have some files on here but also have a FB group where we can name surgeons/centres. We are also compiling a register of gynaecologists doing this with a view to establishing a complaints pathway.



Thank you lindle for replying I am going to check out the Facebook page and book an appointment with my GP so he can refer me to a BCSE clinic I am so scared


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