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Hi! I had a letter of the hospital today offering me to go to a support group one evening to chat about endo and make friends. I really want to go however, I'm working and won't get there in time. How do I find other support groups like this? I have had a look on here however it's a little far for me to go 😞 Does anyone go to groups like this and if so are they helpful? Thank you! Xxx

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  • There are some on Facebook. Could be worth typing in endo support groups and see if any come up in your area. If they don't, you could start one?

  • There is a box (top right hand of site) that says 'Related Posts' ). As you will see, it now has links to various groups.

    Or you could say - on here - roughly where you are, and ask people to 'private message' you if they are nearby and know of a group. This site is hosted by 'Endo UK' and there are groups with leaders trained by them around the country, plus there are probably other groups too.

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