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Support group help

Hi! I had a letter of the hospital today offering me to go to a support group one evening to chat about endo and make friends. I really want to go however, I'm working and won't get there in time. How do I find other support groups like this? I have had a look on here however it's a little far for me to go 😞 Does anyone go to groups like this and if so are they helpful? Thank you! Xxx

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There are some on Facebook. Could be worth typing in endo support groups and see if any come up in your area. If they don't, you could start one?


There is a box (top right hand of site) that says 'Related Posts' ). As you will see, it now has links to various groups.

Or you could say - on here - roughly where you are, and ask people to 'private message' you if they are nearby and know of a group. This site is hosted by 'Endo UK' and there are groups with leaders trained by them around the country, plus there are probably other groups too.


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