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Any advise would be amazing.. I had a laparoscopy 2 months ago my first one and all I got was a two sentance letter saying ' a small band of adhesions divided were found in your wall of douglus, pelvis fine no further investigation and no endo found. My surgan was just a gynologlict and she said you should be in no pain now everythings ok and walked away!

The reason I was going to the doctors at first was with not concieving after a early misscarriage even though I've always had high prolactin and problems with non-cancerous tumors that was my pain prirotiy and then from the age of around 17 I started getting painful periods and it seemed month by month they were getting unbearable for example horendous pelvic pain, the blood would feel stuck i'd have to push and it was always be clots and old blood, back pain to the point it's all down my legs spazaming and I couldn't stand up literally quite paraylzing intense feeling for a day, then it would calm down.

After every new pain experience I would notify my doctors and reularly be there and they came down to endometrisos that was there only conclusion as all the scans should was one cyst which they didn't tell me anything about and blood test would regualrly show high prolcatin, low kidney fuction ect.. Now at this stage the pain completly over took everything else and I just wanted a dignosis because I knew my body and it wasen't right. Also had a scan and it showed my endometrim to be 7mm when I was on my first day of my period but it was concidered normal..So at the stage im at now im stuck, all the doctors are saying is I dont know why there were there could have been from birth and we will refer you to fertility... That's all....

My first period since was quite painful but that's expected with healing and me not knowing what is normal of not anymore.. Since the surgery I haven't had a day im not swallowen and bloated just wanna know where to go from here!!


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Did you have a consultation prior to the lap with this gynaecologist and did she do an internal exam - fingers up bottom and vaginal at the same time - to feel for deep endo? You don't get adhesions for no reason (unless you've had previous surgery) and adhesions in the pouch of Douglas often indicate deep endo beneath that isn't visible at a lap. Back and leg pain can be a symptom of this. Have a look at my posts on the diagnostic lap - if you didn't previously have an internal exam she should have done it at the lap but there is no mention of it.

I should get a second opinion from someone more specialised - have a look at my post of the treatment pathway.

I now have a Facebook support group with lots of info files and advice on the correct treatment if you would like to join:



My Gynacologist said he can't feel up to the pouch a Douglas during the rectovaginal and pelvic exam. Is that true?

And for deep endo would that hurt? I'm asking b/c I had 1 on Monday and I'm still in pain today from it but my back wall is always sensitive. The gynae just wouldn't listen when I said something hurt so I assumed it shouldn't. It was about an 8 for both areas.


so sorry didn't even see these replies! im not sure about that to be honest, and yes i can imagine it would i literally do so much research online and look on adhesion/endo support groups on fb they saved me x


No just a pre med appointment I live in a different city to where my op was preformed and from what I've been told and the report im sure I didn't just a dye test. She didn't take a biospy of the tissue either or tell me anything other than it's not endometrosis. No only ever had one interal scan 2 years ago and that was just the vaginal ultrasound. I know that's exatly what i've been saying and all i've heard is it could have been from birth i've never heard of that in my whole life and to me It didnt justify all of my symptoms. Exatly never had surgery before, that's what I said because I've educated myself and did so much research and i've just been told they are the professionals and to be refered to fertility as they wont give me pain management. I will do thankyou yes saving to hopefully go private, what sort of specialist would you recommened like gynocolgogy or?



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