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Monthly Flare Ups

Hi all,

I'm getting to the point where I have a flare up one even twice a month around ovulation and period.

I can guarantee that during one of the flare ups u will end up off work. I had an occ health report done who had advised over the phone working from home and reduced hours when having a flare but nothing has been put into place yet by work.

Last month my bowel played up havoc - my ibs and this month it's my bladder. I've been up most of the night on the last two nights due to the discomfort attempting to settle myself ready for work. Yesterday I just went ahead and worked from home but today when I said I don't feel fit enough to make it into work as i now have a sore throat as well due to being run down I was asked if I was/wanted it off sick therefore I felt I had no option as I physically cannot make it into work.

This will trigger the sickness even though occ health also told me I am protected due to the disability act. I feel as though I really don't know what to do for the best at all. I feel like people think because I've had excision the pain should have gone but it's not the case at all- it's lessened it on a day to day basis that is all.

I just can't see how I can continue on like this on a monthly basis and wanted to know how other people get on with work and managing flare ups.


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