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I'm New here. I'm not diagnosed with endometriosis but it is suspected. I told my ob/gyn about pain related to periods. I have always had pain with my periods. In the beginning it was only the first couple of days, Then i started to have pain with ovulation and before my period (usually 5-7 days before, but it has been pain on and of up to two weeks before my period starts), and when i talked to gyn about it, it also lasted through the Whole period and even a couple of days after the bleeding stopped? Anyone else experiencing this? I'm so tired of having pain and how it affects my life. And i also has experienced pain during/after intercourse. Last time i was taking oral contraceptives, I still had a lot of pain during my periods. Gyn told me it could be endo, and gave me prescription for contraceptives and naproxen (250 mg x4 per day for 5 days. Starting one day before expected period). I'm going to try this for 3 months and I will meet her again. She talked about lap. but we'll see after 3 months. I haven't had any period yet after staring the contraceptives. If it's not better after this treatment, i want to have a lap. At the same time I'm afraid that they won't find any reason for the pain. I have been reading about doctors Who tell their patients "it's all in Your head, it's nothing" etc. My ob/gyn is a really Nice, but i don't know how Others doctors are. My question is if you think I should have a lap ? Any experiences?

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Hi - A misconception among gynaecologists is that endo pain only occurs at period time and this is often not the case once it becomes established. The European guidelines (ESHRE) that are written for doctors and gynaecologists, and underpin NHS treatment, make a very clear point of the non-cyclical and non-gynaecological symptoms that must be taken into account in considering the diagnosis, but they are often disregarded.


Thank you for Your reply and links! :)

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I feel exactly the same as you. I am waiting to see my gynaecologist on the 7th December, my doctor told me to wait for the 3 months treatment on the pill ,but it's getting worse with the pain and i am bleeding constantly. Your words are how I feel. I am pushing for the lap op because I am currently off work it's that bad. It nice to read that others feel the same and I am not alone. Xx


I'm sorry to read that you're in pain and are bleeding constantly but it's nice to read that I'm not alone. It's good to know that someone understands because I really feel alone with all of this. Thank you for your reply :) I'm going to see my gynaecologist on the 9th of december. I hope your gyn will give you a lap and you will find the cause of your pain. I would like to hear the conclusion, if you would like to share it 😊 (I'm sorry if the grammar/writing is wrong. English is not my first language)


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