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Endometriosis and employers

Has anyone had any experience with their employers and occupational health? I was recently taken to disciplinary but I won my case because they hadn't taken my health seriously (they forgot to send my occupational health appointment request) and I said in the meeting that I find working late really difficult, because I don't get a lot of sleep, working the later shifts really wipes me out and in turn causes flare ups.

Is it unreasonable to say 'I will only work x shifts', I've still not had my occupational health and I'm getting annoyed now. Should I get a letter from my doctor to back me up with this? I've been rota'd in for 3 weeks of late shifts (including the week of Christmas) and I just feel like I'm fighting a losing battle right now.

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I wrote a detailed history of what I thought contributed to making my pain and fatigue worse and why I was currently struggling at work when I went to my occupational health appt. I also got both my consultant and GP to write brief letters explaining my current difficulties and the impact they have and took these to my occupational health appt. It really helped writing it down as I had a clearer idea of how things were affecting me


Contact acas the employment specialists online or call they give free advice. Are you in a union as they can also help.


Keep pushing for occ health appt. they weee only ones that listened to me and help come up with reduced hours and working at home pattern. They will also be able to classify you as disabled for work purposes - endo is a work disability but not general. V frustrating I know. I suspect your GP won't really help as don't know enough of work rules. If they refuse to refer you then ask acas for help. I think you can go off sick and make them pay you if they refuse occ health but I'm not totally sure so ask more people.

Good luck.


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