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Hi, I had a lap operation in January and they found scar tissue on my abdominal wall/colon but no endo. I'm so drained because im in pain particularly around my period to the point where I deliberately continue my Marvelon pill so not to have one. I am also diagnosed with pcos. Can anyone give me advice? I feel like nobody will listen to me and I want to be diagnosed so I can prepare myself for the difficulty of getting pregnant ( I am not in a relationship and this concern is stopping me dating). What treatment are people on for pcos/endo?

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It may not be difficult to get pregnant? A lot of people with PCOS go on to have straightforward pregnancies. I used to not have a diagnosis and it was frustrating. One consultant said to me that sometimes pain is just there - for no underlying reason - and they can't explain it. It's so frustrating I know but of course it's real for you otherwise you wouldn't be on here. I'd try and carry on your life (diagnosis or no diagnosis) because whatever the outcome, there is no reason for you not to be happy with someone x


I had loads of scar tissue which my surgeon thought was from endometriosis. Also adhesions can cause problems with the pelvic area. I'm starting pelvic floor physiotherapy tomorrow as they think the adhesions has caused problems, in particular pelvic floor disorder, like its when your pelvic muscles can get really stressed and strained. and you need to have physiotherapy to help you re-train the muscles to stop being tense all the time. you could google 'pelvic floor disorder' to have a look see if the symptoms match up with yours.


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