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I don't want to wait anymore :(

Hi ladies just a bit down and fed up waiting for my laproscopy date to come through. It's took so many years to get them to give me a laproscopy and take me seriously that I just want my op now I want to no if I have endo, where and what stage so I can start moving forward, I feel at such a standstill at the moment. I just want my operation!!

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Hi Soph94, I get how frustrating it can be after having 3 operations myself. Just try and keep telling yourself that there is an end in sight. Call them once a week if you like to see if anything has been booked as sometimes people cancel and they will put you in that slot


I am also waiting. I have just been on the phone for an hour trying to find out what is happening. Phone yourself do not wait for them to contact you as they are so slow and useless at talking to all the relevant people to get things sorted out. Good luck I hope you get sorted out soon and wish you all the best with your treatment.


Hi Soph94

I'm at the same stage as you after being told i have it i now want to know where exactly and how bad. Its so frustrating just waiting especially whilst doing so in pain!

Good luck and i hope you get a date though soon just keep ringing up tis is what i am doing I'm sure I'm driving them crazy!


Hi ladies thank you so much for your responses it's so nice to know I'm not as alone as I feel. I ring up the every Monday and Friday as they advised that's when they get the most cancellations. They told me there hoping it will be the beginning of November, I just want it over and done with so I can have answers my sister is getting married next year in Cyprus so I really need to start saving which is pretty hard without a job because of my pain. It's so horrible how this disease messes with lives. I wish all you ladies luck also with this agonising process xx


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