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New to this can I ask advice?

Ok so ever since I can remember I've had painful periods. I was on mefanamic acid at one point. Pain in hips and thighs. When I had my children I had pain in same area. For a while it calmed. Now tho it's back with a vengeance. I suffer anxiety and had a flare up in Feb this year. I have had stomach pain on and off which I think is down to this.

I had a gynae ultrasound in June and everything was fine. Nothing to note. Gp gave me naproxen. Last couple of periods haven't been too painful. I am mid cycle and since Tues I have had bad pains in my lower abdomen slightly to the right. It's mainly my right hip, lower abdomen and pelvis. My hips hurt as does my lower back. I'm tired, I try not to take meds but have had to a couple of times. I honestly think my anxiety makes the pain worse, I panic when it hits. Dont know why.

I am going to go back and see my gp again.

Can anyone offer me any advice at all?

Thanks in advance :)

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Anxiety can amplify pain...if you concentrate on it, it will hurt more. I find my pain is worse when I am dehydrated so try drinking a good two litres of water. You'll be peeing past yourself at first but you might notice a difference. And dont wait for the pain to get unbearable before you take meds it will just exhaust you. If you feel the onset of that pain try taking two paracetamol. Its entirely safe as long as you follow the advice label. You got to give your body a rest from the pain otherwise you'll feel worse. Hope you feel better soon xx


You are lucky you had your children first

Think about going on meds to stop cycles for a few months

Consider a hysterectomy after the meds have killed off most of the endo

You have children to take care of you don't want to waste energy on battling this and being tired

Good luck


Thanks for the replies.

The thought of surgery terrifies me tbh. I am wondering if I go back to gp if they will refer me to gynae. Is surgery the only way to diagnose and treat?



I went to a site about Dualsirgery

It explains a lot.

I wish I had had the knowledge about this years ago though it may not have existed years ago .

Most important not any GYN can do these surgeries.


Get to a GYN surgical specialist . It may mean travel but after what I've been thru and my poor outcome I would certainly advise women to get to a center that specializes in GYN surgery

If you want to keep your fertility or at least give it half a fighting chance please see the best specialist you can find . They usually are not the normal OBGYN doctors


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