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Endo and gastroparesis

Hi :)

I have just come out of hospital for the second time with stomach pain. My consultant thinks the endo has got worse on my bladder but I'm also seeing a gastroenterologist next week as I'm in a lot of pain and vomit after nearly everything I eat.

Has anyone been diagnosed with gastroparesis as well?

I'm also celiac and allergic to dairy so maybe it's connected to that and not endo.

Thanks :)

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Hi njh7 i have the same problem and was admitted twice. Can't eat or dri k coz i vomit evrytime and causes too much pain in my stimach.In d begning they said its acute gastro but when i was admitted again and they make ct scan in my abdomen and xray,they found out that there is severe adhesions in my small intestines.ofcourse d culprit was my endometriosis coz d adhesions spread allover the bowel.i did a laparoscopy right away to remove this adhesions.almost 70% was removed but i feel alot better now.im scheduled again after 3 months to remove d remaining coz it was really too much and d doctor cant remove all at one time.hope this help and make sure u find a good doctor.goodluck☺

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Thank you so much! Yes I have just seen a new doctor and I'm having another lap soon :) I'm also seeing a urologist and gastroenterologist this week too, hopefully I'll feel better soon x


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