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Not diagnosed... Yet??! Please help

Hello everyone.

I have just joined this site, don't know how it works or if I'm posting correctly.

So here's my story it might be a bit long but looking for some advice from the people out there already diagnosed with endemetriosis as I'm really really a breaking point... Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to read this. I will keep it as brief as possible and stick to the facts...

I am almost 100% sure I have endemetriosis, finally my doctors have vaguely mentioned it!! I am 22, since birth I have always had bowel issues. As soon as my period started around 12, It was excruciating! I would faint without doubt every time at school. Always irregular. The pain I can't even describe it is and was awful! For as long as I can remember I have always had a sore stomach and felt sick, since I was a lot younger this sickness and stomach pain has never gone away!! I had a miscarriage age 17, pregnant again age 20. Also age 17 I had horrendous pain in my stomach again so bad I got admitted. They found I had ovarian cysts and drained them! Felt better afterwards but still this constant niggling sore stomach and feeling sick. Age 18 i became so sick of suffering I pushed and pushed at doctors until they finally referred me to gynocology. They then found I had a pelvic floor infection after 3 times of the same test!

I also got diagnosed with IBS age 15.

I had my little boy age 20, he is now 2, I'm in agony most days. My stomach bloats so bad I look pregnant again, I'm constantly exhausted to the point I can barely get out of bed in the morning. Sex life is non existent as its so painful for me. And last but not least I bleed constantly! I'm on the pill tried all different ones and came off it all together no matter what I do, out of 8 weeks I bleed at least 6! From what I have read this is all the symptoms of endemetriosis and just all seems to add up! I went to the doctors again 3 months ago and explained all this and the answer I got was "it is tiring having a toddler" they don't seem to understand the sheer exhaustion! He sleeps all night and is good as gold bless him. All they seem to do is fob me off! They finally referred me for a scan and they have found ovarian cysts again! So they have referred me now to get them removed again. So I am just waiting on that. They have prescribed me strong pain mess because paracetamol isn't cutting it. I keep going back to doctors saying I'm in pain and all the symptoms but they don't seem to listen!

It might also be worth mentioning I went for my smear test last year and they found highly abnormal cells on my cervix, 90% of my cervix was covered, they said if I was older or had had more children they would have partially removed some of my cervix as there was so much area covered. Instead they lasers off the effected area. I find out in October of the treatment has worked or not. The doctor said this isn't related to my other problems.

I guess what I'm here for is to ask if all my symptoms are those of endemetriosis? As the doctor is trying to blame it all on this cyst but it's gone on for years. I'm sick of it... Literally! And just wanna be the best mum I can be to my little boy! Please help thank you! X

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Sorry your having a hard time of it ask your doctor to refer you to a bsge specialist . Re the bleeding I know there is something the doctor can give you that stops the bleeding sorry not sure what it's called . Also looking at your diet can help gluten free foods help with the bloating, it also might be worth having a blood test to check your b12 levels as that might be contributing to your tiredness . Good luck and all the best xx


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