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New diagnosis and polcystic ovaries

Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with endometriosis and finding it very hard to deal with everything - feeling very overwhelmed! I already had a previous diagnosis of PCOS so now with this too I really feel like a mess! Does anyone have any advice for dealing with the pain? I know medication is important but I don't want to rely on it all the time, does anyone have any other ideas?

I'd really appreciate literally any advice because I have no idea what to expect with this and how to manage it :(

Ruby xxx

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Hi Ruby

Sorry to hear this.

The symptoms of endo can be managed through medication(Hormonal) or surgery which targets removal of endo cells.

The surgery however may not be a complete cure as some endo cannot be removed by the surgeon either due to it being in difficult places to reach or him having missed it .


Hey im currently in the same boat, since internal scan in march ive been in pain everyday without fail. Doctor told me last week it was a pain for life and just to take painkillers. Which was heartbreaking to be told but ive been looking into ways of dealing with the pain rather than taking painkillers everyday. Few recommendations ive seen and heard are accupuncture, reflexology and heat pads all which are quite expensive :(

Ive tried to keep myself busy as much as i can and have joined a running club which i think helps mentally, rather than lying under it and feeling sorry for myself.



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