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I was woken up by a sudden sharp pain the early hours of yesterday to the point I didn't know what to do with myself, it lasted most of the day then seemed to calm down for a bit as long as I didn't curl up at all in bed but now it's got worse again all because I bent over and when it gets bad I tend to bleed as well. The pain is where my ovary would be. I'm on the pill atm back to back and seeing a specialist next week. Do I need to worry and speak to my GP or do others suffer from this and I just need to let it pass? x x

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I have had such pains in the past especially after some vigorous housework and it lasts for days together. So now i stopped doing anything strenous around the house....endo is the gift that just keeps on giving, isnt it? That said, i would suggest that you speak to your gp anyway if at least for your peace of mind. As you know, endo symptoms are all so different and we really cannot generalise. I dont think you need to worry but why add mental stress to physical pain? Btw, when i have the pain, forcing myself to walk around helps even when i want to curl up in bed and die. Also, alternating with hot and cold packs helps a bit. I hope you feel better soon.


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