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I'm really confused because I was diagnosed with stage III of endometriosis 6 weeks ago, the chromotubation was negative for both fallopian tubes so the doctor recommend IVF. Today I had an hysterosalpingography and my uterus looks fine and both tubes are perfectly permeable, so what now? My AMH is a little bit low for my age but I'm ovulating... Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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Hi there, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

Not wanting to scare you and saying it the same case for you but I had the HSG test and was told there and then that both tubes were blocked. But when I went to see the gynaecologist the report she had been sent said both tubes were free flowing!! I contacted the hopsital who did the HSG to ask why the difference in report. Turns out it was someone different who did the report. Between them and the lady who did the test they came to agree the tubes were blocked. I went back to the Gynae with this info who decided to perform a Laparoscopy to do the test again whilst investigating other things. The result of that concluded as the original lady had said: both tubes blocked!!

Like I say it may not be the same for you and I don't want to worry you. Just to say if you have concerns about receiving contradicting results, don't be afraid to shout out and ask questions to get it looked into.

Best of luck with your journey x


Hi! Thanks for your reply, but today I saw in the screen with my own eyes that both tubes are unblocked. I guess I'm getting used to the roller coaster of infertility. I wishpyu luck!!!


Glad you have clarification and it is good news they are unblocked. Yup it sure is a roller coaster ride x


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