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Swansea Endometriosis UK Support Group


I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Carly. I run the Swansea Endometriosis UK Support Group. I was diagnosed in 2012 at 21 but have dealt with the symptoms since I started my periods at 11.

We've got our next meeting on Monday, 7pm at LC Swansea. Feel free to message me for more details.

I hope to see you there!


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Hi, I'm in Swansea :) I'm having surgery on thursday so wont be able to make mondays meeting but once I'm a bit better will defo come along . Thanks


Good luck for your surgery!

Feel free to find us on Facebook under: "Swansea, South Wales, Endometriosis UK Support Group". You can find out when the next meetings and get support too!


dont currently live in Swansea but planning to move there in a couple of years. Hopefully you'll still be going! X


I'll be going for as long as I possibly can! Feel free to join the Facebook group any way! Always handy to know other endo people :)

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