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Weight gain and endo

in the last 6 to a year I noticed my symptoms get worse including fatigue and weight excessive weight gain (approx 3 stone in that time period), massive sore and tender breast and sweating and hot flushes (inc night sweats around the breast).

Anyone had anything similar? Would like to know I'm not the only one and if there are anything that could help...?x

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Hello, I have put on weight for sure in last 10 yrs of having a Mirena but my GP said its hard to tell if its due to that or just an age (Im 45) or hormone issue or eating crap! Probably a combo!

I would go back to GP cos it could relate to something else menapausal maybe?

Good Luck x x


Thanks for your reply. Initially I thought it was the menapause but they said having endo suggest I have high oestrogen levels so it could not be the menopause. I am 37 so young for the menopause but my mum went through the menopause about my age.....

I am so fed up seeing the gp that I would rather try and work it out myself....lol


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