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Running for Endometriosis UK - please donate

Running for Endometriosis UK - please donate

Hello everyone, I hope that you are not suffering to badly right now. I was a sufferer of this horrible disease for over 15 years and do know how many of you are feeling right now.

I have decided to try and raise awareness and some money for Endometriosis UK so that they can continue to support and research this life changing disease for all of the many people who are suffering. I am running my first ever race at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10k on 28th May 16 - after starting the couch to 5k running programme in October 15. It has been hard going but I am sure being active really does help to take your mind of illness.

I would really appreciate it if any of you lovely ladies (& gents) would spare some money and donate to this great cause. Please just click on the link below to donate to my race for Endometriosis UK. Thank you.

My page: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Ch...

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