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Endo stage 4

Hi I'm new to this but could really do with some help Iv had endo stage 4 from 2011 took them a long time to listen to me and finally in 2013 they did a laparoscopy to find it stage 4 as it had been left for so long they took awhile as I have Crohns as well I'm constantly in pain always tired and I live on morphine my back is constantly hurting me I have to wear tena lady as I constantly loose old blood. Iv now lost three jobs because I have so much time off I can't do my duties so I applied for pip but they told me I can talk to a strainger and follow directions even though I told them I can't walk sometimes the pain is so bad. Has anyone been through this and should I appeal as we just can't manage on just my husbands wages any help would be grateful 

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Hi , when you had your lap did they excise the endo? And was it done at a BSGE centre?


Well they left me in a confused state really have had a bad expirience I had it done in hospital they couldn't do anything for the endo as it is every where can't see my overies and it covers my bowel and my bladder it doesn't help as I have Crohns so it doesn't help my bowel they couldn't do a dye test on my tubes as they are blocked 


Hi search on here for a lady called Lindle , she will be able to help. 

 You need to get GP to refer you to a BSGE centre.  Severe endo should only be treated at a centre by a specialist. Please look up Lindle and look at her posts on treatment pathways etc.


Ok I will do thank you


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