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Bleeding when doing strenuous work

Does anyone bleed when they are doing strenuous work? I have been doing my house up and have noticed every time I do things over there I bleed. I always bled in-between periods before but just put this down to spotting, but since I have been doing up the house have noticed I can have nothing all day then as soon as I go to do work I begin to bleed, and it stops again shortly after I finish doing lots of things? 

Now I've realised it I think it has always been this i.e.. when I have done a BIG clean up or carrying boxes and moving furniture. 

Has anyone else experienced this and do you know why this happens? 

I do have a hospital appointment soon so I will be bringing it up there but just wanted to ask all you ladies!

Thank you x

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The same thing happens to me - asked the GP about it and she said I was 'just one of those people' who bleed between periods, she didn't think there was a link to strenuous activity, although there certainly is.

Be curious to see whether anyone has been given an explanation for this.

Thanks x

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Hi Thank you for your reply. It's one thing I can never get my head around how can they say "your just one of those people". people do not just bleed for the sake of bleeding. if someone is cut they bleed if someone has a burst blood vessel they bleed ect. so in that case something must be disrupted when doing strenuous activity in order to bleed. 

I have a hospital appointment soon and will definitely be bringing this up to see what they say and if I get the same reaction I will not be taking that. 

It is definitely linked. it makes me cross when I hear other people being told the same things!

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