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Pain relief? And positive stories


I was given mefenamic for pain which worked ok when I was having regular ish periods. I'm on the mini pill now tho and I have pelvic pain most days but no period and I find the mefenamic takes too long to work and if I take it for more than a few days I get stomach pain. The pain I get is like a tense ache really low down. 

I've only been having trouble for the past 8 months . I'm waiting for my first gynea appointment which I'm dreading but want to get myself sorted. I've recently started to find sex uncomfortable at times and my desire for it is zero which makes me feel really guilty and I miss the closeness with my partner . 

I'd love to hear some positive stories and also some recommendations for pain relief 😊

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Hi there, I stopped taking mefanamic acid as found it was irritating my stomach too much. I was taking wind eze and buscopan to combat the stomach issues, I was also prescribed omeorozole too but just got sick of all the tablet taking and cut everything out and just had paracetamol for a while (which didn't help the pain much), at that time I tried to get my diet into check so cut out as much gluten as I could (I still treat myself to the odd toast at weekends) and cut down on alcohol, increased fruit and veg and I now just take neurofen along with para and have hot water bottle glued to me, sometimes use tens machine. I can't possibly work when I'm really bad and I have naproxen when I can't handle it or I have things to do or plans I don't want to be ruined but it still doesnt completely get rid of the pain.

I'm just not that knowledgeable when it comes to pain management and I often feel you have to know what to ask your gp to prescribe, rather than them suggest - and I just don't know what to suggest, therefore just end up suffering in silence.

So sorry I've just realised that doesn't sound positive at all!!  I guess I'm jumping on your thread to see what other responses you get 😳 .

MM x

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