Bladder nodule

Bladder nodule is this endo telated ?! I've just received the gyn report to myself and my doctor and it says there is a 7x 8 mm nodule over the anterior wall of urinary bladder.there is also some small internal cystic spaces within the bladder,can anyone relate? It says I have deep infiltrating endo with right ovarian endometrioma,the sigmoid colon is adherent to to the posterior uterine margin with serosal infiltration over a length of 1.3 cm and depth of 7mm.also infiltration of uterus sacral ligaments.the mri said bladder lesion indeterminate which may represent a endometriosis deposit or endometrial irregularity.i have to have hysteroscopy for 11mm thick womb lining.can anyone with knowledge please explain all this to me as the bladder nodule is worrying me as could it be something else and its on anterior wall and I've read most endlmetriomal deposits will be on posterior wall.? Please can anyone help me read this better thank you so much Michelle xxx

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  • Hi Michelle hunnie message Lindle she will be able to explain what it all means. Hope you're ok.

  • I don't know how to private message Jean ? Please Lindle can you help as im scaring myself thinking I have bladder cancer as the mri wouldn't determine if it was endo deposit or soneghing else ? Can endo nodule deposit itself on the anterior bladder wall and such a worrier xx

  • Hi Michelle, just click on Lindle's name then click message.

  • Hi Shell

    I just saw this - it didn't come through to me as a message as it was a reply to Jean. The most common place for nodules is in the pouch of douglas affecting the uterosacral ligaments and bowel. You already have them there as deep infiltrating endo means nodules. But they can affect other places too. There is a pouch between the back of the bladder and the front of the uterus called the uterovesical pouch and nodules can tend to get established in there too so that is why you will read that they tend to be on the back of the bladder. But they could establish anywhere. The fact that you have nodular endo (which is a specific form) suggests that the one on the front is likely to be another nodule. We can't know for sure what it is but radiologists will say what they thing things look like and they have only said 'endometriosis deposit or endometrial irregularity'. They would usually say if it was suspect for malignancy. I assume the name of the radiologist will be on the report and I think I would be inclined to ring his/her secretary and express your concerns and ask if they can elaborate on what they think it might be.  x

  • Thank you I haven't got the report it was just the letter gyn wrote to my dr and Me.will I be able to ring my surgery and see if they have a copy ? Or do you know where I can get a copy from ? Also it said my womb lining was thick at 11mm and irregular so a hysteroscopy and cystoscopy is needed I am a very anxious person and this is worrying me sick lindl x

  • Hi Shell

    Our medical records at a GP practice must comply with something called CARAT - complete, accurate, relevant, accessible and timely. This medical record is a legal permanent record of our health that anyone would refer to for if they needed to know everything about our medical history and treatments. So the results of any scans should be recorded so the details can be extracted to the record. The letter does say quite a lot but the radiologist's report should say more. If there was suspicion of malignancy it would certainly say so because you would need urgent referral and this is one reason why I think they can't think that. It might also indicate whether they think you might have adenomyosis causing your thick endometrium (but we did discuss before that the thickness would depend on the time of your cycle and I think we said it was prior to norethisterone so could have been normal?)

    First of all I should ring your GP practice reception and ask them to check if the radiologist's report was sent. If not I should then ring the gyno's secretary and ask for it to be sent to your GP practice as the exact details need to be on your GP medical record - and you could ask them to read it out for you. Have a pen and paper at the ready. If that proves fruitless you are legally entitled to copies of all records on you but hospitals can charge up to a maximum of around £50 I think and it can take a long time. So if you are in that position I would go direct to the hospital and to the relevant department and ask them to dig out your file and show you the report since it is missing from your GP records. x

  • Thanks so much and it is an urgent cystoscopy and hysyeroscopy so I'm panicking !!! When we went on 6th April he read the Mri report while me and hubby were there,he said I will Book you in for a hustetoscopy and cystoscope and I said we're going on a Mini cruise tomorrow which was the 7th and he said fine I will do it for when you're back,would he be entitled to tell me then if report said suspected malignancy do you think ? All he Said was there's a lesion on your bladder and your womb is thick and irregular and I have deep infiltrating endometriosis.the bladder one on letter said indeterminate but may be a enDometrioyic module?surely he would have told me if malignancy was suspected what do you think ? Thanks xxxx

  • Hi Shell - he would have been entitled to tell you if malignancy is suspected but they might not unless you specifically ask because ultimately they won't know at that stage. I think they all take different approaches. How soon are the cytoscopy and hysteroscopy. The cytoscopy is probably the most important.  x

  • I haven't had any apptd yet 

  • I haven't had any appts yet through post we got back yesterday from cruise.i do hope he would have told me if malignancy couldn't be ruled out and I thought he wouldn't let me go on my cruise if that was the case? Xx

  • I should chase them up Shell as it was supposed to be arranged for when you got back but as you are worrying I think it will be a good idea to just go straight for ringing the gyno's secreatry and asking for exactly what the radiologist's report said. x

  • Thank you xx

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