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Advise please girls x

Hi all

I have been diagnosed for a good 12 years. I got diagnosed with endo at a local hospital then had further diagnosis of stage 3 endo at another local. Got no help there so for past 8 or 9 years been under a bigger hospital. I felt I was looked after well. Had IVF  5 years ago which I miscarried the a natural pregnancy  2 years ago but was eptopic. Then I have been on and off treatment over the years. In December I saw a new doctor and I ended up being discharged even though I wasn't well but I left feeling so disheartened. I have been off treatment after a reaction since September.  But in January I started with chest pains especially right side and right side shoulder pain. At first I went to a and e but they dismissed but since its coming every month around time of cycle. I'm so fed up. 

So after this long ramble my main point is should I go to a specialist centre and how to I get appointment? Has anyone had any success? Do I have any hope after all this time. Has anyone else had chest pain? 

Thanks guys from a fed up girly xx

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I also have andemiosis (sorry for spelling) too 


If you have a diagnose you should ask your gp to refer you to a bsge centre, chest and shoulders pain can(I think) indicate endo on your diaphragm, some will correct me if I've got that wrong, good luck


Hi Hun, you've not got that wrong. 

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Hi - with stage 3 you should already be in a specialist centre and hospitals must surely know this. This is a requirement of the Royal College of Gynaecology so you are being treated against protocol. Yes, right sided shoulder pain is suggestive of endo on the diaphragm - it almost always affects the right side. It is caused by the same irritation of the phrenic nerve as gas after a lap - this nerve serves the diaphragm and its course passes through the chest, shoulder and neck but pain is typically referred to the shoulder. You need to be referred to a centre and will need to make appropriate complaints at some point so we can try and stop this from happening. But for now click on my name and look at my posts on the treatment pathway and how to find a centre. x

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