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i am after some advise really. My work have referred me to occupational health and I've been requested to see a doctor. (I wrote a letter stating I would see or speak to occ health but I do not give my permission for my medical records to be accessed - I don't want to shout what hospital investigations I've had etc as it's knocked my dignity)

Has anyone seen an occupational health doctor ? What happens on the day of assessment? I'm so scared I might loose my job and it's the only thing keeping me on track :/ 

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Hi there

I had OH after my second op and they were great.  They are healthcare professionals so really took the time to listen (it was just a chat asking me about my condition and how it impacts me at work) and they understood what was happening and how it impacted me rather than me just telling my manager:

They recommended a few measures and drew up a report which they sent to me first to ensure I was happy with content.

I was actually happy that I had been referred to them as my employer had the advice of a professional on file about my condition 

Good luck x


Hey there

Sorry to hear you're worried about this.

I've gone through OH before I had an endo diagnosis, so I'm not sure what endo-specific things he/she may do but I can help with a few points.

If OH is successful it should be a conversation about how your employer can make reasonable adjustments so you can succeed in your current job. Therefore the doctor will be part of the process so your employ can assess where the issues are. It would be helpful if you can think beforehand what your biggest difficulties are and various ways your employer could take this into account (e.g. If you could work from home when you're not feeling great would this reduce your overall absence?). The doc won't make any decisions on this but it could steer the conversation (e.g. "On those days you don't come into work, what do you feel able to do at home?").

The main thing I cannot emphasise enough is to make it really clear how much you love your job and want to continue with it, you just need a reasonable adjustment at times for you to do so. If your tone is very pro-active this WILL affect how the report is written and received!

Do remember, though, that this is also a process to protect the company you work for. They will have a procedure in place to ensure OH happens if there is a certain level of absence: although this is to help you it is also to ensure they are legally protected if you were to claim they didn't take reasonable adjustments if your endo amounted to a disability or, ultimately, if they did dismiss you.  I'm not saying that's what they're planning: I only mention it to remind you that the whole OH process is for the company in the end. Therefore stay positive about your job but keep everything else you say concise, to the point and above all truthful.

Good luck :)


I have been referred to occupational health on a couple of occasions. Don't expect that they know what endometriosis is as mine didn't, so I explained very clearly what it is, how it affects you and if you've had any operations - how they've affected you. Exhaustion was a big factor for me and I had a phased return post-op over 4 weeks. They also suggested an assessment of my work space/ desk/ chair. Also might be about flexible working, hours, duties etc. 



From my experience you can spill your guts and show them evidence ,they can make recommendations but if your company wants to get out of supporting you they will! Sorry to be negative but I'm going through process myself at the moment and I'm about to be pressured into going to another formal meeting when I'm off sick. I'm on waiting list for surgery as I think I have what you might call frozen pelvis and rectovaginal endo . Now Im pretty sure I remember reading a post or reply once on here saying your employers need to be able to say you'll never be able to do your job again to sack you on capability (I hope I remember correctly) but I also think I remember reading somewhere that they can sack you if you don't go to meetings but I don't think that would apply to occ health . On the day he had me filling out forms I went prepared having read on here and spoken to people with different management to me that occ health can really helped so I told him everything and more he wanted to know and i feel I opened myself up and it got me nowhere but I suppose I haven't been sacked yet lol


Hello. My OH have always been really helpful that's within several different companies too. My new job I had to speak to the OH on arrival as I highlighted my endo and the nurse I spoke to actually suffered from it herself and was very helpful! I would try not to worry, in some ways it can protect you. I have a written report on my file saying that there will be days I am unable to come in due to my condition, I haven't had to use that yet but it is nice to know it is on there should I need it and not be reprimanded. Good luck. I'm sure all will be fine! 


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