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Good afternoon

I received this a letter yesterday from the hospital stating they had booked me to see a psychologist . I Called the department and asked who had referred me- they stated Consultant- who I have never met.

Any way went to see this highly specialist psychologist who I advised that since my appointment on the 04/01/16 I have not seen anyone or had any feedback about my results and scans.

Apparently they discussed my case in detail at the MDT meeting and everyone agreed the best way forward for you to have a quality of life is TO HAVE A PELVIC CLEAR OUT!😱😱

What is pelvic clear out remove my bladder etc.... Help


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Hi - I can't comment on the referral to a psychologist but it seems you are being treated at a BSGE endo centre? It would be very bizarre to make such a referral without your consent and without telling you why. A letter must have changed hands so I would want a copy of that just to know what had been said about me without my knowledge.

A pelvic clearance is a full hysterectomy and removal of your ovaries and tubes. This is not recommended treatment for severe endo unless all other treatments have failed, including the recommended treatment which is excision of the endo lesions and not the removal of organs, unless the organs themselves are too diseased to salvage. The appropriate treatment that must be followed in BSGE endo centres is laid down in a contract. Click on my name and read it in a post I have just put on.

We are not allowed to name specific centres on the open forum but which area are you in?


I am in Essex . And at my local hospital. My last gynea retired - we had a good rapport and she was very supportive.

I have not seen this new consultant so was shocked when the psychologist referral arrived and this woman just says well they recommend pelvic clearance ...😨


The fact that they have had a MDT meeting and are suggesting a pelvic clearance confirms that you must have severe endo that they are unable to deal with (because of being unqualified). The gynaecologists who deal with severe endo must have done at least two years' intensive advanced excision training and such surgeons work out of specialist centres. In practice we would want them to have many years under their belt of complex surgery.

You are being dealt with completely against NHS protocol. It beggars belief that so many gynaecologists don't seem to have even heard about the centres and the requirement for complex cases to be referred there. There are in breach of NHS contract for failing to do this. Click on my name and have a look at how to find a specialist centre. x


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