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22 weeks to wait for excision etc!?

So finally saw the consultant yesterday, after seeing her as a private patient in end November. So overall, it took more than 3.5 months to be on the waiting list to have excision surgery for infiltrated active endometriosis.

MRI results showed some endimetriosis, but as many of us know, not all the 'crucial' bits are not shown. I had a laparoscopy by genera gynecologist about 18 months ago and the pictures show clear nodules of edometriosis on my bladder. However, this was not picked up on MRI at all. My consultant showed interest in the discrepancy saying something like that radiologists at her hospital are quite well trained for diagnosis of endometriosis but still cannot detect all the serious conditions.

Anyway, I am finally on the waiting list and the wait is 22 weeks from now. I hope it will not take more than 22 weeks but you never know.

I just hope things will not get too bad/heard for me while waiting for the surgery. I hope the same for everyone who is waiting a long time! xxx

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