Haven't had sex whilst being ill, got tested for infections in beginning which all came back fine but a swab I had shows a bug. Any ideas??

My dr took a swab recently after passing a fleshy piece with weird discharge and period. Flesh came back fine but swab shows an unspecified bug so he's put me on antibiotics for 5 days 1 tablet 4 times a day out of concern to be super safe. But now I feel even more worried because I'm thinking what the hell could that be. I was tested for infection and everything in beginning which came back fine, haven't been having sex (not that I'd be able to).. I just can't stop thinking about it since I got told that.. I've done some research but hoping for some info or reassurance if poss from someone who's been in same situ on here. Day 2 no sign of any change as well.


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We all carry bugs which when well cause us no problem but when our immune system down can cause problems the antibiotics should clear hun don't let it drive you mad x

There's research to suggest that endo lowers your immune system, which can make you more susceptible to bugs and the like. It could be absolutely anything, definitely doesn't have to be something sexual. Do remember though that you don't have to have sex to get an STI - any sexual contact without a condom or dental dam can spread infection.

Don't worry now; just take your antibiotics, and if it comes back or doesn't get better see your doctor again. It's probably one of those weird things that happens sometimes. Good luck! xx

I haven't had an and diagnosis yet, but have experienced similar to you. From time to time I pass what looks like flesh. I saved it to show the Dr, but she diagnosed over the phone and requested I make a further appointment. She said the fleshy mass was likely my lining shedding too quickly. It was nearly 2" square :( very painful and terrifying. Now waiting on an ultrasound exam, and take things from there.

Regarding bugs...try not to worry, it could be a number of things, but certainly ask your doctor to be more specific so that you are better armed to tackle what is going on. Hugs x

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