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Tips/Advice for lap

Hi all,

I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet, I have my diagnostic lap in two weeks time and the consultant was pretty sure that it is probably endo given all my symptoms i.e. painful periods, painful sex, constant fatigue.

I have a fairly new symptom- bright red blood when I wipe and in my stools. I am quite concerned and I am wondering if it is connected. I am going in for my pre-op app on Monday and am wondering if I could mention it.

Also, I am pretty scared for my lap as I am 21 and I have never had any surgery or been in hospital before. Any tips/advice. After care advice would be really helpful. I am a lifeguard so I am wondering how long I will be unable to work for!


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I have my first laparoscopy in Jan to diagnose and treat endo. As far as aftercare, my worst pain was in my shoulder from the gas they pump in. To help, I found it easier to sit /sleep sitting up as far as is comfortable. (Lots of pillows!). Also I was constipated for 5 days so took sennakot to help...and it did! I was signed off for work for 2 weeks, and my first week back was tough. Got very tired and was sore but persevered. Make sure you rest when you need to and try not to overdo it...even if you think you feel ok. Basically be kind to yourself!!!! Good luck with it...hope it goes well.


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I had 2 weeks off, but i would say take week by week, especially when you have a physical job. It is as well depends on how operation will go and what they will find.

Mention it about the blood, could be a possibility if you have piles, but better safe then sorry, tell hospital staff.

Surgery is scary for anyone,you are in the hands of staff and you have no control. Let them explain everything. It will be scary, but this is the only way to find out what your symptoms could be. Is someone taking you? You wont be able to drive and need someone to look after you.

Take something for your tummy to help to go to toilet. Something like movicol this helps not to put any pressure on your wounds.

It can be possible you get pain from gas and this can happen in your arms, shoulder area.

Try to walk little bits every day. Even when it is just up and down in a room, or having a shower.

Someone needs to be there when you have a shower, just in case because of stability and help get you dressed.

Check dressings soom after, i took them off after 1st day, because they got really horrible. Then it dried out and infection will be less possible.

Try to eat/drink when you need to. Herbal tea is good for gas relief, like peppermint.

Just take your time, dont be rushed to go back into work and look after yourself!

Good luck


You should mention the blood - it might be piles but best to be sure.

After the operation I wouldn't recommend having morphine unless you're really in pain (they gave it to me and it made me feel awful). Get up and walk about as soon as possible - this helps with the gas pain other people have mentioned (but take it gently). Eat as much as you can - I only started to feel better when I forced myself to do this (take lots of snacks or get people to bring them in in case the hospital food is awful).

The worst thing for me was getting up from a position of lying down (in hospital it wasn't that bad with the beds they have).

Don't be surprised if you feel exhausted for a while. Take naps in the afternoon and build up your activity gradually. Oh and take baths to get rid of your stitches.


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