Hi everyone, I hope everyone is ok! So last night I recieved an email from my employer asking will I ever be back as she may have to advertise for my position. The thing is I don't think I will be able to return I work as a nursey nurse and the days are just to physical. I'm in pain everyday and some days cannot get out of bed. My employer is obviously fed up so if I do leave my job does anyone know what support I will be able to recieve for an income until I can find perhaps a sitting down job? I wish people understood more about endometriosis as an illness!

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  • Do you have a doctors note? If they are advertising your job then they should offer you another job (fewer hours, more office based etc). You could sue them for it theoretically but if not then its best to go to doctors and ask them what to do. Maybe even citizens advice or somewhere else they offer advice.

    They shouldnt put pressure on you like this. If you hand in a sick note, they shouldnt bother you. You just contact them to update them and thats it.

    Hope it gets sorted soon for you xx

  • Hi - I can't help on the work front but you have symptoms of endo behind your uterus affecting your bowel. Where in the UK are you as options vay?

  • Hiya I'm in Leicestershire. I have an appointment soon to hopefull find out what actually is wrong. I appreciate your help thank you x

  • If I remember rightly if you leave a job you aren't entitled to benefits for 6 months. If you are sacked then you can get them. Might be worth looking in to and like I say I may be wrong

  • There are procedures yur employer gas to follow befire they can let you go. If you are in a union contact them. Also check your contract if emplyment. Google acas and contact them for advice as they are the employment law specialis. They are free. You can get esa if you lose your job and not fit to work. It will involve a lengthy medical questionnaire. If you need help with it also try citizens advice bureau. It's better for getting benefits if they let you go. If o get a good reference before you leave based on you ability to do the job when we'll. Hope this helps.

  • Hi everyone thanks for your replies. My employer has contacted me everyday since Friday about when I will be returning I can't give her an answer she says she needs to know so she can recruit someone else. This as you can imagine is caused a lot of stress for me. I don't feel supported by my work at all just constantly pestered and feeling as if she is threatening my job which isn't fair. She had denied me sick pay so I am going to citizens advice tomorrow which is the last thing I want to do when I am not well at all. I feel so lost I'm only young and I feel like nothing is going right at the moment. :(

  • Hi Hun if you have a sick note from you doctor she can't without sick. Especially if it ssp(statutory sick pay) this is paid by the government not the employer although I I think the employer has to claim it back from the the government or something like that. Please seek advise as I think your employer is totally in the wrong. I no expert but as far as I know if you have a sick note they can't fire you. Like the previous poster said get in touch with acas. I'm sorry route going through this at a time when you're really not well. Keep us updated.

  • I don't know about the legality of dismissing you while you are off sick but if you have been off long term you might not be able to prevent it. I've seen several colleagues I work with dismissed for taking too much time off. It may depend on your contract and I think you should have warnings in place before the turn round and dismiss you out of the blue. I work for dwp and if you have a sick note you can definitely claim esa if you leave or get dismissed without and repercussions re benefit payments. You can also ask to see a disability employment adviser in the job centre to help you find a new job or retrain. It's good to get an pjs assessment done at work too as if you have a medical condition longer than 12 months they should confirm you come under the disability discrimination act. Hope you get better soon x

  • Sorry ohs assessment (spell check!)

  • Oh honey, this is awful 😔 Firstly, she shouldn't be pestering you if you are off sick with a sick note and I wouldn't have thought she could sack you without good reason but I'd def seek legal advice. People are just so ignorant to this condition, they think it's just women being dramatic! Let us know how you get on, you don't need extra stress on top of being ill xx

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