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I'm back

Hello all, as some of you know I decided to take a break from this forum on the advise of my husband, he thought I might off been making myself worse reading the bad stuff about ladies not getting much better over the years,

Well I didn't last long did I lol,

I love it on here, makes me feel human, and I love giving some of you ladies advise and support,

So welcome to any new comers I've missed, and I hope everyone is as comfortable as possible,

Roll on Friday, my next appointment with specialist to get MRI results and set out a plan of action,


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Hi T glad your back I missed you . I hope your appointment goes well on Friday. I have my pre op the same day and op next Thursday. Let us know how you get on. I'm the same I find it helps if I can try and help someone else.


I'm new to the forum, but so far I think it's great :)

I love the support found here, the advise, the knowledge that all of you ladies understand. Welcome back and good luck Friday.



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