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Help can't keep any food in

Im hoping someone out there can help me.

For the past 18 months to 2 years I have been having problems when I'm on my period, I can't keep any food in me, I eat then within half and hour I'm sitting on the toilet with Diarrhoea.

Today all I have had it dry toast and plain biscuits and I have been on the loo straight after.

I'm so hungry and have no energy and getting so frustrated with it. The problem is I can't take pain killers on empty stomach which I am having to do for my Endo pain and this is making me feel sick.

At my last appointment my consultant said there was no connection with this and my Endo and recently having had an op to remove cysts and clear up of the Endo I thought my problem might resolve itself but it hasn't.

Does anyone else have this problem or anyone have any advice as its really getting to me and I'm sure it makes my Endo worst with the pressure in my belly of going to the toilet.

Help xx

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Yes I feel really sorry for you ,I had all this for over 10 years, everyone telling me to pull myself together as it was only nerves ,yet every time I came on I was rushed into hospital for 24 hours only to then be told that it was normal . Eventually my gaeny did take notice which I am so glad of because he operated and found I had internal bleeding in my stomach also in my bowels also outside bowel bladder, and pelvic region so please please keep on to your specialist, and make him do an exploritary operation. I wish you all the best.


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