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Please help x

I will keep this as short as I can!

So, I've had chronic pain for the last 2 years, had a lap in March last year and diagnosed with Stage 3, after that I got 10x worse.

So on Monday, I had LLETZ treatment for pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. ( which have gone from lowest grade to highest grade in a year)

The last 5 days I have just got worse and worse. I've always had constant , moderate pain that I can bear and get on with, but now it is at such a high level constantly that I'm in bed all day and night and I consider myself a pretty strong woman with a high pain threshold but this is just something else!

Ive gone private for TPPE, (which was supposed to be on Thursday but I had to cancel because the bloody NHS not sending my smear results for 7 weeks!!!) so it's now on 18th March.

Is it just a mixture of LLETZ treatment and endo pain?

Is it getting worse and spreading?

Going to the toilet for both has always been painful but now that's getting more intense each time. (I have endo on bowel and bladder)

Do I need to worry somethings going on in there or just suck up for 7 more weeks?

Thank you in advance! Xxx

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I'm afraid I haven't had same experience as you so can't comment on that all I would say is having endo has taught me you sometimes have to make a fuss to be taken seriously. Was fobbed off so many times, notes missing, cancelled appotmebts, laps not being done properly etc. Don't suffer go to see someone and demand some action is taken, we all try to cope with our pain when we really should be taken more seriously. If you can go private all the better x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply! I've gone private with Mr.T, I'm probably worried for nothing! Thank you again x

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