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Weird one - taste changes :p

So I'm pretty sure this is nothing to do with endo, but as you're all pretty in tune with your cycles now I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this... bear with me.

Every now and then I start making really bad tea. I used to think this was just me losing the knack for how I like it, which didn't really make sense but neither did anything else. Then I started thinking my taste buds just went through phases. However, this month I realised it was directly over my period!

I know people talk about cravings and taste changes during pregnancy due to hormones so was wondering if your normal menstrual cycle can affect your taste too. Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing.

I know people say they crave chocolate etc, but this is a really distinct taste change. I kept thinking the water had gone bad, but I think it might just be my taste buds going bad every now and again instead! Could just be a coincidence this month, I'll keep it in mind to see!

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Thank god someone else has this! I thought I was going insane! Every time around ovulation and my period my tea tastes kind of yeasty. Like someone had put a spoonful of flour in it. I thought I was imagining it or had a yeast infection but it coincides with my monthly routine xx


Ha so strange!! Mine doesn't taste yeasty but kind of empty, or over or under brewed - I don't really know as it tastes fine usually! Wonder how common it is. I haven't noticed it with other food or drink yet xxx


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