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Do my symptoms sound like Endometriosis?


This is my first post here. I am not diagnosed with Endometriosis. About eighteen years ago a doctor said he could feel nodules that could be Endo but I didn't have any problems so did not follow up. The last few years I have been having symptoms with ovulation. I do have quite painful periods and feel a lot of the pain in my bottom as I have a retroverted womb. But it is not that bad most of the time and I don't have to use even paracetamol sometimes.

Ovulation symptoms are the worst for me. It started with what I thought to be constipation and digestive issues. Like the stool could not pass by and my womb swelled at this time. ( I do have three small fibroids ) anyway I have had lots of tests and everything comes back clear. It is getting worse and I cannot eat around this time. Doctors have put it down to IBS. But before and after it all seems to work ok.

My symptoms are:

Digestive, ranging from pain as stool is passing by to feelings of intestinal infection to bowel blockage. Problems start from day 9-18 around the time of increased mucous secretions. Sever bloating, morning sickness, headaches, pelvic pain, feels like womb swelling and pressure. Heavy dragging and pulling down sensation, severe leg aches, pressure to urinate, irritation and scratchy feeling inside vagina that I often think I must have yeast or uti but tests come back clear. Only test revealed overgrowth of strep group b. No treatment. Loss of appetite and unable to eat at times. ( I have lost 3 stone over the past few years due to this). When I felt I was ovulating I had stabbing in pelvic area and towards bottom and aching legs.

I am wondering if it could be cysts or Endometriosis? I've had several transvaginal scans that showed clear. ( I know they don't show Endo) but also haven't had them when I've been symptomatic. So could it be a recurring cyst?

I also started having migraine attacks a few years ago with no prior history. The type I get is Hemiplegic migraines but with no head pain. I have an under active thyroid now controlled well. I do not get any rectal bleeding or pain with sex. It's mostly symptoms from day 9-18 and then everything returns to normal. Also, I have noticed that some months I am symptom free and it seems to be worse every two to three months.

I have a Gynae appointment on Monday after being fobbed off previously two years ago. I am hoping its cysts rather than Endo and would be glad of anyone's thoughts.


Carolineanne x

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Hi Carolineanne. It does sound like endometriosis to me especially the bowel symptoms. I have severe endo which involves my bowel and it's always worse for me around my periods. I also have the feeling of a blockage. I also have an 11cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary which cause me pain and problems with my bladder. Are you seeing a endo specialist or general gynaecologist?



Thanks for your reply. I am seeing a general gyn. Last time he just pressured me to have the coil which I don't want. Would it be better to see a specialist if I have to have a laparoscopy. I think I have been putting off having that procedure as I'm thinking that any invasive procedure might make things worse. But it's getting worse so I think that might be my next step.


Yeah I would go with a specialist as general gynaecologists often miss endo.

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