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Bowel endometriosis problems

Hi everyone, so I've posted about my bowel endo before. I have endo on my bowel which is sticking my uterus and bowel together. Anyway I just want some advise because the past few weeks I seem to have developed a new problem where when I eat I feel like I need to go to the bathroom but when I go I wait and my stomach is turning over and over but nothing happens, which makes me feel worse because I can't even get any relief from my stomach doing summersalts. Does anyone else experience this? is there anything that helps? I know everyone is different but it would be good to know how other people deal with this.

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I have this too. I get the urge to go, and quite often it feels like an "emergency" like I really have to run to the loo, and then... nothing. My doctor said I just feel things moving around in my stomach more because I am thin, which I think is ridiculous. Sometimes, luckily not very often, I also get stabbing pain in my anus. This is really awkward as people can tell I am not feeling well but when they ask I can't really start explaining what's the matter... I am sorry but I don't know what could help. I eat a balanced diet but still my bowels do what they want to no matter what I eat.

I have read similar stories on this forum and I think it's a usual endo symptom.


Thanks for your reply! I get the stabbing pain too! I can't believe your doctor said that it's because your thin! How rediculous! I also have the same where it doesn't seem to matter what I eat, I nearly always end up in the bathroom anyway.


I can be constipated for days with these "false alarms", and then suddenly I eat something that doesn't agree with me at the moment (it can be anything) and then it's diarrhea. I have never been checked for IBS but I am pretty sure it's just the endo. My doctors are trying to avoid surgery so I have no idea if I have endo somwhere near my bowel.

I haven't figure out what to do to make this stop, but I have heard that there's an endo diet and it works for many. I just don't feel like starting the diet because it would mean no sugar and I crave chocolate all the time. I feel like I have stomach issues no matter what I eat so I'm used to it. I know what foods or behavior give me the worst symptoms and I avoid those, so I don't have bad flare ups often.


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