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Endo treatment for my case

I am not native so sorry if my English is horrible.

I have endo discovered two years ago with size 4*5 cm, Dr has asked me to go through drugs(decapepty CR), after finishing the three injection its size turn to 2*1 cm, latter I discovered that it is back but this time with size 9*5 cm another Dr recommend to me to surgical treatment but problem is that who is going to do it may be incapable to use lap because of the size, did anyone have same size and used lap? Is it painful? how much take to recover?

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Hi, so you have a large endometriosis cyst (endometrioma) that needs surgery and they're not sure whether they can do keyhole laparoscopy to solve things for you - ie they have warned you that they may have to open you up and do laparotomy, is that right?

Laparoscopy (keyhole) is pretty sore the first few days - week but you can manage the pain with pain killers, you will mostly feel tired, stiff, uncomfortable and sore - but it's bearable. You will be up and moving (slowly) within 24hrs. Recovery is usually 4 - 6 weeks. I know some people go back to work within 2-3 weeks, for others (if the surgery is more serious and they have to do more inside you) then the full recovery time is more realistic, particularly if you have a job that is strenuous - on your feet all day etc.

Here is some more information:-



If you have a laparotomy (open surgery) you will be a lot sorer after and the recovery time will be lengthened 6 - 12 weeks before you are fit to go back to work. I wouldn't let it put you off surgery though - the amount of post surgical pain is less than if you left the endo untreated. I found this info on laparotomy for you.


Also if it's easier/quicker to read then just google search for the procedures described in your native language - I'm sure there will be articles similar to the above available.

Good luck with everything x

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Thanks a lot Applebird your answer is very useful, actually I read a lot about endometriosis usually I found sites in English more useful then the ones with my native language. I wonder if there is anyone has around same cyst size and had done the surgery using lap, I have not accepted surgical treatment using laparoscopy easily now I have to accept the worst (open surgery)


I know, it's very frightening contemplating the laparotomy, a friend of mine has had a few and she was always very sore and tired after, but as long as you take the time to rest you can recover well and get the most from the surgery.

I was booked for laparotomy, for removal of adeno/endo however am now preg so it's been postponed. Have a 6.5cm cyst atm they aren't sure whether endo or corpus luteum) having a scan on Monday so hoping its shrunk!!

I'd maybe repost with the title '9.5cm cyst, laparotomy or laparoscopy?' And ask what people's experience is. You never know on the day they might be able to get rid of it with a laparoscopy, I think they'll try the least invasive option first unless it's a forgone conclusion. Try not to worry, you're right to do the research though x

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