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I don't know where to start... Please bare with me.

I had the implant removed in sept 2015 and went onto the mini pill. Ever since then I've had left sided hip/ovary pain which used to come and go but now over the past few weeks it is constant.

I have since had various blood and urine tests, chest and abdominal Xray, abdominal ultrasound and transvaginal and finally a CT of the abdomen and pelvis.

Surprise surprise all have came back clear.

I have also had various trips to A&E and I seem to be in agony. I find it so hard trying to describe the pain as sometimes it feels like it's my pelvis that hurts and other times I feel it could be my ovary.

I asked a gynaecologist if they thought it could be endo but he said no because I've not been getting any periods... Is this the case for endo? You have to be having periods?

I'm also now having diarrhoea and no idea why but I think it could be related or simply just all the worrying I'm doing.

This all just seems to have started since I had the implant out :-( and even on that only had about two periods over 2 years.

Any advice would be great!

My xmas has also been ruined and I am no fun to be around!

I just want my life back!


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Hi, your gyne is talking crap, you don't need to have periods for endo to be active, I've had a hysterectomy so don't even have a womb , so no periods, but I'm still getting endo pain, I've had 2 ops and endo removed apparently all the endo. But I'm still in pain, I've been put on the mini pill to hopefully help with symptoms, but so far it hasn't helped, now I'm been ping sent for MRI, but even that is not conclusive.

Go back to your GP and ask to be referred to an endo specialist,

Good luck

And if you gave any questions just ask away


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I think it's ovary/endo pain, I get sharp pains in my hip and ovary area, sometimes feels like shooting pains, had it in August for a few days then it went away and came back every so often until end of Nov when it was constant and felt like I had something sharp shooting up in side of me. During the day I find I feel constipated but the following morning it can be very lose...my gynae said it doesn't sound like bowel issues causing the pain but endo issues....but then I have had endo removed from near my bowels.

I would suggest a second opinion as I also have the coil and get the occasional spotting but the pain I've had in the last few weeks the constant thinks is due to endometriosis in my ovaries.

I know what you mean though, sometimes feels like hip pain but also feels like it's deeper inside....I wonder whether the hip pain is nerves from your ovary area going down? Xxx


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