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New member - Hello!

Hi everyone, two wks ago I had a pelvic & transvaginal examination. On Thurs, I found out that my cervix & ovaries appear normal but that I've got Fibroids & a thin endometrius. This is the 7th health condition. I don't know much about Fibroids or other. My GP didn't explain, I never asked. After a year of about 6hospital examinations, I was just happy I haven't got Cancer. If the Fibroids affect my health, I'll ask GP more. I plan to research them more (once my mind & body are more stable - I finally feel exhausted after 6yrs of relentless health issues).

Next, I'll be reading some posts to get a better understanding of possible issues.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you. Wishing you all a Merry Xmas & Best Wishes, esp. for 2016 x

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Hi and welcome, this is a site for endometriosis, do you have symptoms of this,

I'm glad you got a few questions answered. The GP should really of explained what you have better,

I hope your feeling better now


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Thanks for reply Tboag! From March 2015 for about 3mths I was having pain below my belly button - random cramps, night sweats, weird movement. GPs thought it was related to my other health conditions. The cramps have stopped. My GP pressed the area & it was so painful I cried, went to St Thomas A&E (in Ldn) on a Fri PM, waited 6hrs, had the rudest nurse assigned to me & by the time they examined me, the pain had gone. I was given painkillers & sent on my way. Glad the GP finally advised to have cervix/ovaries examined. I knew something wasn't right. How is your health? Do you have Fibroids/Endometrius? Anyway hope you're coping ok x


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