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Hi ladies,

My lap has been put back to the 30th December. My pains and symptoms are getting worse and worse, I'm becoming more stressed and worried. As well as my symptoms become worse I am also contending with some new ones!

My post today is for some guience and knowledge about the extent of the symptoms a diagnosis of endometriosis entails.

One on the most recent symptoms is the sudden erge to go to the toilet and the crippling pain that attacks before hand .... This alone is becoming harder to deal with but then there is the stools covered in mucus (tmi...sorry) .... Does anyone have the same symptoms, is this ok? What do you do?

Please help put my mind a rest



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Hey Lucy :)

So sorry your op date has been put back - the twats! Ive suffered with horrendous cramps and bleeding for many many years. I knew it was endo. I'm a Midwife but also very in tune with my body. I was diagnosed with grade IV this September after my lap :(

Thought you might like to know you're not alone with mucous stools -


...just one womans' experience. I have heard many women with endo talk about bloody and/or mucousy stools so please don't be alarmed. I have awful pain with each bowel movement so i make sure i include lots of high fibre foods etc or fybogel/lactulose/movicol so that when i do poo i don't have to push hard - this has helped with the pain for me. Just an idea :)


Oh also at the bottom of your back (low down over your sacrum) there are pressure points for your bowel - so i put both my hands behind me onto my lower back (about 5 cm ish from the top of your bum crack - this made me lol as typing it to you ha) and apply firm pressure in circles or up or down - anyway really!..this helps me to go swell


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Thank you so much for your advice I'm truly grateful xxx


Why did i call you Lucy?? haha...replying to other women on here too :) You're very welcome Sophie, hope it has put your mind at rest a little? xx


Hi hun, I had the same - pain, the squits and lumps of phlegmy stuff... turned out that I was coeliac (phlegm may have been gut tissue). After being fobbed off as having IBS and CFS for 8 months, I finally was scheduled for the correct blood test that picked it up. I'm now gluten free & just have the endo symptoms to contend with.

Ask your gp for a blood test for coeliacs xx


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