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Recently been diagnosed

This all started a few years ago say 5 started getting very heavy periods blood clotting etc bleeding in between. Now looking back every so often I was getting and still get severe and I mean severe pain in the left hand side of my lower back like labour pains is the only way to describe it . Anyway docs thought it was kidney pain and was in and out of hospital as pain was unbearable morphine was the only pain relief. Eventually I got sent for a ct scan which resulted in nothing wrong with my kidneys but I had a compression fracture in my spine which we put down to an old motor byke accident but they were assured that I had had that fracture for years and it shouldn't be causing me the pain I was getting. Got sent for an mri scan which discovered fibroids which I was toled were very common. Went back to see the gynaecologist as he wanted to examine me . I don't mind smears etc had twon babies but this examination was very uncomfortable. He could tell me I had a swollen womb but wanted to do a wee operation for a d and c and a scrape? This was 2 weeks before our honeymoon (got married 2nd october) so by then I felt ok. Had niggling pains in lower back at the exact same point but nothing came to it. On arriving back our honeymoon had a letter waiting saying I had acute endemtreosis and an acute womb infection and adviced the doc to prescribe me antibiotics to relieve the symposium? ?

I am totaly baffled aa no one has told me anything I'm reading and finding out as much as I can on line. So many questions I've got docs on Tuesday anyone any advice on what to ask I know by reading that everyone's different but anything at all would be of help thanks in advance. Hugs to everyone.

Louise xx

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