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This all started a few years ago say 5 started getting very heavy periods blood clotting etc bleeding in between. Now looking back every so often I was getting and still get severe and I mean severe pain in the left hand side of my lower back like labour pains is the only way to describe it . Anyway docs thought it was kidney pain and was in and out of hospital as pain was unbearable morphine was the only pain relief. Eventually I got sent for a ct scan which resulted in nothing wrong with my kidneys but I had a compression fracture in my spine which we put down to an old motor byke accident but they were assured that I had had that fracture for years and it shouldn't be causing me the pain I was getting. Got sent for an mri scan which discovered fibroids which I was toled were very common. Went back to see the gynaecologist as he wanted to examine me . I don't mind smears etc had twon babies but this examination was very uncomfortable. He could tell me I had a swollen womb but wanted to do a wee operation for a d and c and a scrape? This was 2 weeks before our honeymoon (got married 2nd october) so by then I felt ok. Had niggling pains in lower back at the exact same point but nothing came to it. On arriving back our honeymoon had a letter waiting saying I had acute endemtreosis and an acute womb infection and adviced the doc to prescribe me antibiotics to relieve the symposium? ?

I am totaly baffled aa no one has told me anything I'm reading and finding out as much as I can on line. So many questions I've got docs on Tuesday anyone any advice on what to ask I know by reading that everyone's different but anything at all would be of help thanks in advance. Hugs to everyone.

Louise xx

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  • Hi Louise, I know you didn't get any replies and I hope you don't mind my comment- I hope you're well. I have recently been diagnosed with suspected endometriosis, pre-laparoscopy which I've been told isn't going to often because of the recurrence. However I found your post really helpful as I have quite similar symptoms. Right side mostly back pain, sometimes deep and acute, I was scanned for kidney stones. I don't know if the scan should show the disease and I haven't been told where it is. The back pain can be really difficult on its own. I have been to hospital and it's usually been related to my back pain and menstrual cycle and it's been really helpful to read your post and the similarities between us.

    I've had an MRI of my back recently and I hope to discuss the result with the doctor this week, which should bring to light anything that can be done to relieve it and hopefully with this whatever link it has to the pelvic pain.

    Thanks for the helpful post.

    Best wishes,


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