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BBC - Awareness Raising

Hi following Jess96's post about the Jeremy Vine show, I thought maybe if enough of us contact Victoria Derbyshire (herself having recently suffered a serious illness), we might be able to raise awareness if she takes on our stories. I've emailed her today explaining how it impacts on us and how whilst these stories of successful treatments are always nice, they are also bittersweet as not all endo sufferers are able to be relieved of symptoms/pains through hormonal treatments and/or hysterectomies.

Her email address is victoria@bbc.co.uk

Come on ladies, lets get cracking and try and bombard these shows with large audiences to explain how we suffer and the things we have to do to get heard......

p.s. the Jeremy Vine show was good!

Thought I'd add (since I was asked) that in my email to Ms Derbyshire I gave a brief outline of my story, i.e. the age I was when symptoms began, when I was diagnosed and the treatments/surgeries I've had. I also outlined the difficulties faced in relation to side effects, [for me] the number of miscarriages, and how endo has impacted upon my life as a whole. I was very blunt and very honest - even stating that I often feel worthless and contemplating suicide and the stress of not having anyone seem to understand or sympathise including some doctors and employers (and even family/friends). However, it's up to you what you put in.....!

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(I have also put this on my original post about the radio discussion.)

I have found a post from a few weeks ago. It's about the radio talk and it's from the woman who spoke on the radio.



That's a great idea.Im going to do an email as well.Most people don't understand how unbearable the pain gets(Am black African so it's quite a new term back home so i feel lost sometimes)...very well done maria7800.


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