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Hi I was wondering if there were any lovely ladies out there that are able to offer advice. I am 28 and I was diagnosed with endrometrios at the age of 25 I had cysts removed back in 2013.

October 16th 2015 I had more key whole surgery to remove adhesions and a cyst. My left ovary was also stuck to my uteras.and i also had a dye test completed because I have been trying for a baby for over a year and have had no luck. I was told my tubes were all clear so I should try for a baby for the next 3 months. I ovulated last week and I have been experiencing period pains although I am not meant to start until the 29th. Was wondering if anyone had similar situation and how long did you conceive after the dye test.

Thanks xx

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Hi sorry to hear about your problems, it's so frustrating isn't it, I'm very similar situation as you, been trying for a baby for 2 & half years and diagnosed with endo in June this year. My tubes were blocked but they managed to clear them during surgery, my ovary was also stuck to my uterus. So since then I've been using ovulation tests every month. All we can do is keep trying and fingers crossed. I've read lots of success stories where women have conceived so I'm trying to stay positive. You've just got to be patient, we'll get there eventually!!Xx


Thank you for your reply. It is very frustrating, and especially the week you are due on because I think every stomach pain or feeling naucious may be pregancy related. However this may just be the endo! Good luck and have faith it will happen 1 day! I was told to try naturally for 3 months and if no success then it's IUI next. Hoping it dosent come to that. X


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