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Going to see endo specialist tomorrow

Hi ladies!

I too like many of you are an endo sufferer i've had stage 5 endo for years and i am now 32 and still have not been able to concieve. My NHS docs have not prescribed me for any medication during these years but the time its taking to get referred for ivf and get the ball rolling is way too long.

I've read loads of positive things about my specialist and will be going to see him tomorrow for initial consultation.

I know some of you have been treated by him already so is there anything in particular you think i should ask him about? Ive got tons of questions but always best to be prepared.

Thanks in advance


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Hi in case you are not aware? None of the techniques he does are exclusive to him, TPE is also available with a few specialists on the NHS. If you live in England you can use NHS choices and see whichever endo specialist you wish to. If you want to know more, pm me.

There is no stage 5 Endo though, 4 is the highest!

These are a good start for questions to ask a specialist: endopaedia.info/treatment10...

Good luck with your appointment.

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Good luck tomorrow Sophia. I was successfully treated by this specialist last year, so PM me if you want any more information.

Re questions, make a list and no matter how silly the question seems, don't be afraid to ask. I imagine that you will have several questions regarding your fertility and how possible TPE surgery could help you in that respect.

All the best x


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