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Shin pain

hi all,

I've been having a bad flare up the past couple of days and today been the worse, not quite sure how I'm coping today at work, I'm just taking a 5 minute break so thought id write up a little post!

I've been getting all the usual symptoms that i get but since yesterday I've had terrible pains in my shins, whilst sitting down its not too bad at all just a slight ache but when i stand up and walk jeez...its mega painful, it feels like my bone aches and really does hurt to walk. Its down both of my shins I'm assuming this maybe what shin splits may feel like :/ I do often get pains down my thighs and around my hips especially but this is a different type of pain.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced shin pain and if it can be linked in anyway to endo

thanks in advance


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I had to comment on your post because I've been having the same pain! I suffer with it more on my side and back. But recently have been having shooting sharp aching pains in my left shin!? Maybe it could be due to the endo sitting near your sciatic nerve? I was told that's what most pain from endo is?! Hope this helps! Xx


thank you for your reply :) apologies for the delay its only just informed me!

So sorry to hear you're suffering from this too 😔 yes maybe that's what it is thank you, thankfully I've not had it come back since then but if it does I'll will go to my GP and mention this



I haven't had endometriosis confirmed, I'm waiting for a laparoscopy date..

I have awful pain in my shins to my ankles, I can only describe it as being in my bones, like growing pains? In my groin and the outside of my thighs. My muscles feel like they are tensed even when they are not.

If I have endometriosis confirmed, I'll remember to get back to you and let you know. I can only assume my leg pain is linked to the rest of the pain i'm in.

Hope you feel better x


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