WARNING YOu may find this a little gross so dont read unless you want to help

For some reason , my period heals lasted for 7 day when it usually lasted for five days and its coulor is usually a dark brownish coulor but for some reason too , its a really bright red coulor also ive. Noticed a grape sized lump in my vagina and im not sure what's going on , sorry for posting this making it seem gross . If anyone knows what's going on please reply and help thanks x

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  • Hi Misty. Not sure what's going on but as its different to normal, you should get it checked out by your GP


  • Hey

    Not a doctor but the bright red is like fresh blood the brown blood is usually older blood in terms of the grape size thing - maybe a blocked sweat gland - chat to the gp though if worried xx

  • Hi, I would go see your doctor if I were you. Red blood is fresh blood and normally not a concern. My periods are normally dark brown with greyish matter in them. I do get the odd one tho with fresh blood. However if you have found a lump it is always best to get it checked. It could be a cyst or something like that. Good luck and fingers crossed it's nothing xxxx let us know how u get on xx

  • hello, I have always been told that if the blood is bright red, you must report it immediately to you doctor, I had what felt like a lump in the vagina , I believe they called it a prolapsed uterus which fells like its going to fall out. I just had a TLH 6 weeks ago. make your appointment with your doctor, always better safe then sorry. I hope this helps.

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