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Hi, I'm new here and just looking for some help please! I am 39 and diagnosed in 2007 by as unable to get pregnant. Had laser and got pregnant, had my son in 2008. Couldn't get pregnant again, scan showed that endo had not come back in 2010, my thyroid had stopped functioning properly, got thyroxine. Got pregnant, had daughter in 2012. Lately I've been having awful pain in my groin, right sort of where my knicker line is around top of leg when I walk. I am a staff nurse so when at work walk an average of 8 miles a shift, also walk our dog a lot, walk to school etc. Some days I get no pain other days when I put my foot down its agony. It goes down the back of my leg too. wonder whether it could be endo back or maybe just sciatica from work? I am always properly dog tired but not sure if that's just busy, part time working mum? Any help/advice greatly received! Many thanks Lou

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Hi got to say I have no idea whether your pain is endo related but guess it could be given the area - sounds like it needs checking out. Hope you get it sorted and you get some time to rest!!


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