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Depressed, lonely and confused

Hi all, hope you are all Ok. I just need to vent I'm so frustrated with the pain and no one understanding any of this. I've just had a spinal treatment as the endo is growing up it and I'm suffering from pain from that on top of the usual. But I'm feeling so low and lonely atm I'm fed up with it all. And I have been doing some exercises my gp advised to help with pain and weight loss as I'm so desperate to lose weight but no matter what I try nothing works. And the other thing really getting me down is every week my breasts are growing no bra fits and I cant understand it there so big now. Anyone else have this? Thanks to all you lovely girls xxx

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Jeepers. Tell me about it. I'm getting fatter and fatter. I put it down to the fatigue as i cant do the same level of exercise that i used to do. Doesnt make me feel any better though. Ive just outgrown my latest bras. Dont want to go out and buy any more. Got a drawer full of smaller sizes lol


I'm sorry your going through so much! :(

Have you tried an Endometriosis diet? It's anti inflammatory diet, similar to Mediterranean diet. I started it 1 month ago and feeling pretty good, losing weight, my swollen stomach is nearly flat! I've lived with a big stomach my whole life. I have Endo, adenomyosis and IC. Please give it a try! I was desperate so I tried, why now?!


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