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Diagnosed and confused


Hi everyone,

So, I was diagnosed with endometriosis yesterday. I didn’t get to see my doctor before I woke up so not sure how to feel about it all as I don’t even know where it’s located.

My follow up appointment isn’t for another 2 weeks! Is this normal? Would anyone suggest calling the doctor or is it best to just wait?

Also, the nurse told me it was zapped away but is it likely to grow back or will this be the end of it?

Thank you xx

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Hey, you’re lucky your follow up is in 2 weeks haha mines not for another 9 weeks.

2 weeks isn’t a long time to wait tbh unless you’re really eager to know and endo can grow back but they will most likely put you on hormone treatment to reduce the chances xx

Omg 9 weeks is crazy!! Feel for you x

Thanks for the reply xx

I had my lap 2 weeks ago and still have another 2 weeks till my post op. I got no information when I woke up. As in nothing! I haven't a clue if they even found anything. Wishing you the best of luck and a quick recovery x x x

Jhedwards in reply to Bobz1987

Omg that’s so terrible! I hope everything goes alright when you finally get to see someone and hope you are feeling better xxx

Holleymuzz in reply to Bobz1987

Did you have a discharge letter? They usually give you one and send a copy to your drs x

Bobz1987 in reply to Holleymuzz

Yeah my discharge letter was so vague. Like it basically covered the 2 procedures I had and listed every single possible thing they might have done but not what they did. X x x

My pre op isn’t for another 6 weeks and my op was 2 weeks ago. They were operating on me for over 3 hours. I had a call from endometriosis specialist nurse to keep in contact during healing process because the surgery was extensive. I suppose the more extensive the endo and surgery is the longer to recover and properly asses your recovery at post op follow up. So maybe it was only a little? Which is good, however mine was little first time around and was ‘zapped’ off but then in under 2 years spread and went to stage 3. X

Jhedwards in reply to Holleymuzz

Did you have to have another laparoscopy to find out it got to stage 3 ?x

Holleymuzz in reply to Jhedwards

Yes 2 weeks ago Hun x

Can’t believe I was worried about two weeks and yours isn’t until November!! Sorry to hear that.

Thank you, I will give my GP a call tomorrow to see if they have any information x

My lap was 19th June and still not received any follow up. I was told I was at stage 4 and they couldn't actually do anything and I needed s bigger op but now the pain has escalated and I am none the wiser :(

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get some answers soon!

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