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Mirena Coil

Hi, I had my first mirena coil inserted ten days ago at the same time as having a laporoscopy to treat endometriosis. I was just wondering if at this point I should still be feeling sort of intense period pains?

I was told I would feel like I was having period pains for a couple of days and then it would subside. Just wondering if anyone who has/had the mirena coil ever experienced this and if it's normal?

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow for other reasons so if it is unusual I will mention it at the same time.

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Ana-x

I think you should mention this to your dr , I had a very painful insertion but did not continue to have the sort of pain you describe for that amount of time. Please let us know how it goes x

As you say u had lap and endo burnt away maybe it's that that's causing u more discomfort but no harm in mentioning to dr


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