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Newbie - Endometriosis & mood?

Hello everyone, I am new here and looking to learn more about endometriosis which I was diagnosed with in January 2014. My endo was discovered by chance when I had a miscarriage - the doctors believed I was having an ectopic pregnancy as they could see a mass on my ovary, after an emergency operation which I believed they were removing my Fallopian tube and ovary I came round to be told nothing accept there was no ectopic pregnancy just a 'normal' miscarriage. Thankfully a kind nurse sat with me and asked if I had been given info on endometriosis, the doctor hadn't mentioned anything to me and the nurse explained the mass was a build up of endometriosis and gave me some info about it.

I have since had another baby and suffered from postnatal depression (I have with all 3 of my children) I am now recovered but I have noticed in the past 6/7 months a change in my mood which I am now wondering if it's connected to my endo?

I have always had very heavy periods, they've always been extremely painful, if I don't have strong painkillers they are unbearable, and I feel as though I could pass out. I have the shakes, hot sweats and an upset stomach. The pain spreads down my thighs & buttocks and up my back - I thought all this was normal period pain until I read up on endometriosis! My periods haven't really affected my mood in the past, not to any great extent. However in the past 6/7 months my mood has been all over the place. I never suffered depression until I had my first child, but now I feel as though two weeks of the month I feel ok but the other two I spiral down into how I felt when I had depression and struggle with my mood. Can endometriosis affect you in this way? Could this be what it is? It seems to be about 10 days before I am due on, and lasts for about 7-14 days. Then I feel ok for the next two weeks - I am also noticing pelvis pain throughout the month, especially around ovulation, these are all symptoms which I never really suffered from previously but now seem to be getting worse each month.

I am due to see a doctor in two weeks as I'm now noticing pain and changes with my breasts I am not sure if this is another connection to endometriosis but thought I should be sure and get it checked, I am going to mention this all to her then but wanted to hear from others who are going through this for any advice and info :)

Thank you for reading & for anything you can share xx

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Hey :)

Unfortunately i cant really give much advice as to whether its related to your previous Post-natal depression as i haven't had children yet.

But i do find my moods have changed quite a lot with my periods. I was diagnosed with Endo a year ago,and have been put onto the mini-pill to try and control the pain and the bleeding, so this could be whats affecting my moods!

I'm glad to hear your booked in at the doctors though, as hopefully they can reassure you, or help you to sort out your moods and breast changes!

Sorry i couldn't be of much help :(

Emma Xx


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